Social Media Outlook

Social media presence is vital to how something is viewed by the public eye. A positive media presence can really help a place gain more attraction while a negative presence can keep people away. This is how the city of Muncie talks about McCulloch online


Twitter had some mixed reviews of how McCulloch park is viewed. The posts range from volunteers plating trees for the Arbor Day Festival to people organizing political parades.


Instagram had nothing but positive reviews of McCulloch, from kids having fun on the playground to community events that got people involved.


There have been a ton of pots made about McCulloch on Facebook that range from reminiscing about the zoo to serious safety concerns.

Overall the views are pretty split. It seems like majority of the posts online are talking about fun childhood memories or different community events while the others talk about the suspicious activities that happen at the park. The last screenshot shown is an entire Facebook page that is solely dedicated to showcasing the suspicious vehicles that drive through the park. It’s difficult to shove that off as one paranoid person when there are multiple comments and posts about similar experiences. These comments are pushed off with “this is the way it’s always been and always will be” mentality. McCulloch clearly has the potential to continue to be a place for nostalgia and community involvement for future generations but the potential grows if these comments are addressed and these issues are solved.

Page written by Kierstin Price