Muncie City Five-Year Plan

Plans for McCulloch Park (2021-2025):

  • Within Muncie’s 2021 5-Year Park Plan, there are some plans that are to be carried out regarding McCulloch Park. The 5-Year Plan holds an objective to implement new ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) transition plans at McCulloch park. This will help to improve accessibility of the park for people with mental or physical disabilities. 
  • The City of Muncie also plans on continuing their efforts to create a multi-modal community, emphasizing on bike/pedestrian routes. The Delaware County Metropolitan Planning Commission conducted a Safe Routes to School program. This will create new paths that connect to the Cardinal Greenway, which runs through the heart of Muncie, as well as all 7 of the city’s parks.
  • Muncie also plans on bringing back the Gus Macker Tournaments, which let everyone be eligible for 3v3 basketball matches. They also plan to spend a decent amount of money renovating the park, as well as building new ADA playground equipment.
  • According to a City Council meeting in Muncie, October 4th, 2021, $1,000,000 is being set aside for McCulloch Park’s future renovations. This money is to be donated by a former Ball State University graduate.

-By Phillip Oechsle